Get Patched: How to Join an “Outlaw” Motorcycle Club

by Brother Reload

Have you ever wondered what it takes to ride with the pack? Or, what kind of sacrifices you would have to make? No BS. No Hollywood hype. No law enforcement bias. Only the truth from a full patched member.

Get Patched gives you an honest look at what it really takes to join the elite biker world of the “outlaw” club, all told by a man who did it.

  • No BS
  • No Hollywood Hype
  • No Law Enforcement bias
  • Only the truth from a full patched MC Brother

This book is back!  This book was taken down by the author some time ago but has now been republished.  If you are one of the many who have reviewed read and reviewed this book it would be appreciated if you could repost your review.

This book will be available very soon on as a kindle book. 

Future plans include republishing it in Nook and Google Books formats.

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